Political Science is a branch of social science. It studies the State, the government and its policies. It deals with the analysis of political systems, theoretical and practical application to politics and examination of political behaviour. Political science intersects many branches such as anthropology, history, economics, sociology etc. The relationship between political science and economics is the centrepiece of this article.
Economics is a science that deals the study of economic and non economic activities that directly or indirectly brings growth and development to the economy. Economics is the study of how people allocate scarce resources for production, distribution, and consumption, both individually and collectively.

The political science and economics have a base connection, a political leader has to make a decision that concerns the economy or the decisions are based on the economic conditions of the country. Political science and economics have a strong relationship because the performance of the economy is the key to political background. Many economic issues are inherently political because they lend themselves to different opinions. People can be biased but there are some people who have second thoughts on political beliefs and prefer economic policies.


Political science and economics are social sciences and they affect each other. They are both closely related interdependent disciplines. The major contributions of political science to Economics are given below.

  1. Stable Government – Stable government means stable economy. Government plays an important role in the development of the economy. It has crucial roles to play especially in under developed or developing economies. The government has to build up policies for efficient use of limited resources. The nature, scope and progress of economic development depend upon the stability of government. Instable government weakens the economic system.
  2. Political science defines Economic goals
    The economic planning is done by the government. The political leaders determine the economic goals, objectives and the policies. The goals are set in such a way that the economy’s resources are used efficiently. The goals are set to secure the people of the country. One of the major goals of economic policy is to promote economic goals and to achieve these goals, the government set policy rules which are under its control.
  3. Economic system and Political relations
    The political ideology determines the economic system. Economics closely follow political goals, beliefs and relations. The Economic goals are set by the political leaders and it benefits the economy as a whole.
  4. Economic problems and the State
    The State solves the economic problems of the economy. The leaders have to decide the activities that will take place in the country. In doing so, they consider the problems of the economy and they make sure the policies and activities that take place solve the economic problems of the country.
  5. The Budget
    The Government Budget is an annual financial statement of estimated revenue and estimated expenditure during a fiscal year. The objectives of the budget include Economic growth and development; reduction of unemployment and poverty; redistribution of income; reallocation of resources; price stability and economic stability. The budget is the backbone of the economy and it is a major political instrument.

These are the major contributions of Political Science to Economics. Economics is guided by Politics and Economics always takes the help of Political Science for securing right economic policies and goals. State action is all the more inevitable in under-developed economies which are struggling hard to get rid of poverty and to attain higher living standards.


Political economy is a social science that studies production, trade, and their relationship with the law and the government. It is the study of how economic theories affect different socio-economic systems such as socialism and communism, along with the creation and implementation of public policy.
In simple words, political economy is an advice given by economists of the country to the government, regarding their economic policies, activities, objectives etc., Or on proposals put forward by the politicians of the county.

Political economics is split into two sections: Classical Political Economy and Modern Political Economy. Classical Political Economy studies the works of philosophers such as Machiavelli, Adam Smith, and Karl Marx. Modern Political Economy, on the other hand, studies the work of modern philosophers, economists, and political scientists such as John Maynard Keynes, Milton Freidman, and Friedrich Hayek.

They study of political economy can be seen digging in three areas:

Interdisciplinary study
This study is a combination of sociology, economics and political science. It defines how government institutions, an economic system, and a political environment affect and influence each other.

New Political Economy
This study monitors economic policies as an action to be taken rather than a framework that needs to be analysed. It unites the ideologies of classical economics and new advances in the field of politics and economics.

International Political Economy
This is also known as Global Political Economy. This study analyses the relationship between economics and international relationships. International political economy focuses on how states and institutions use global economic interactions to shape political systems.

TO CONCLUDE, I think political activities grow out of economic activities. Economy is the centrepiece out of which all the actions are taken. The decisions taken by the government, the annual budget, the goals for the development and growth of the country etc., are all based upon the betterment of the economy. Economy flourishes because of the decisions taken by the political leaders.
Political science has contributed a lot to Economics. But they go hand in hand. Good Economics and good political science have a good conclusion, a developed and prospering economy.

The correct Tune will Chill you Down!!!

“Knowledge is power. As the music industry keeps evolving, we want everyone to have access to as many resources as possible.”

I personally believe that music is a good solution to problems. It is a cure for stress and it can take your mind off pain of any kind. There was a time when music was listened to old fashion styles, but since internet has taken over the world it has taken a quick spin and here we are…!!

Internet has changed the way we think. Only if the 50s era thought that they can listen to music by just one click, they would’ve lived by dancing their feet off. There was a time when tape recorders were a hit, radio was popular and everyone used to wait for the artist to release the song. And now, the live streaming of songs happens every second. The elderly used to debate at their young age, what will the world be like near 2020s?! We can listen to music online, we can video chat with people at the other end of the planet, we can earn money without leaving our homes and what not. The world is not a big place anymore because we can control everything with our hands, the laptops sometimes seems low key as we can engage in work through our cell phones too.


The music industry has evolved since internet has taken over the world. To record one song, used to be such a big task, so many instruments and people. Now, the recording is easier than ever. And the music industry has also been upgraded by self appreciation. The hidden talents of people are all over the internet. They can self record their songs, videos etc. and upload them on numerous applications such as Instagram, YouTube etc.; we can create our own channel or website and upload them there.
We can easily upload our music or video on YouTube and there is no exaggeration if I say, anyone can become famous overnight. The audience is eager to listen to something new and improved. The internet has the power to change the future, more so than it already has. The musical industry has widened it’s wings because of the power of internet.
There are so many applications where we can stream live music and enjoy. We don’t have to download it or wait for the movie release. Some of the famous online music streaming apps are Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Sound Cloud etc.

Considering that smartphones are extremely popular these days, it’s easy to tell that music consumption was taken to another level. Now, if you wanted to hear the latest songs of your favourite artist, you simply go online and download whatever you need. You can update your playlist whenever and wherever you want. It’s comfortable with the smartphone. With the help of devices like smartphones, we now have music available anytime and anywhere, with minimum effort.
Thus, when resources are so easily accessible, it’s only natural for demand to be on the rise.

For composers, this is a great time! It never was easier to get in front of a big audience. And the audience needs change, they crave for something new, weird and savage. They are the source of global marketing as well, if they like your video, they will share it and one by one it is seen and like by all. As I said, it is not exaggeration if, with the help of internet and your passion for music, you can be a pretty big deal the next morning.

DEMOCRACY negotiating badly with BUREAUCRACY!!!

Democracy is a cruel mistress and the UK parliament has no monopoly on its affections. elections can have all kinds of outcomes in states that are fragile, including violence, ethnic tensions, criminality and corruption, seems of secondary importance. Elections do not automatically foster democracy, but may instead prevent or destroy it, is conveniently forgotten. We insist that in every country in the world people must traipse off to the polling stations. Our electoral fundamentalism really does take the form of a new, global evangelism. Elections are the sacraments of that new faith, a ritual regarded as a vital necessity in which the form is more important than the content.

When we stop using “election” and “democracy” as synonyms, things may start to change. Democracy flourishes precisely by allowing a diversity of voices to be heard. It is all about having an equal say, an equal right to determine what political action is taken. In order to keep democracy alive, we will have to learn that democracy cannot be reduced to voting alone.

Not all have the courage to say and when they do, they appear to be rude. They say what other people think and it should be respected because truth is not what all say. It appears that the fundamental cause of democratic fatigue syndrome lies in the fact that we have all become electoral fundamentalists, venerating elections but despising the people who are elected. The truth is said and let this sink in.
The UK turnout for this year’s European election was just 37%.
Though, constitutional complexities have risen from UK’s botched departure from the European Union. “I am appalled at the recklessness of Johnson’s government, which talks about sovereignty and yet is seeking to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of its plans for a reckless no-deal Brexit,” said Corbyn. “This is an outrage and a threat to our democracy. Britain was the leading example of a ‘majoritarian democracy’ – a country with an electoral system which creates artificial majorities for governing parties in normal circumstances.

The problem that the UK is facing is a sudden mix of majoritarian and consensus structures and culture. In different ways, Italy, the United States, and Israel are facing the same problem too. The differences are happening in the parliament because there are differences in the country as well. This is not democracy and this is scary for the people in UK.

Democracy is the key to a healthy nation. It brings international peace, liberty and justice. There should be no comparison over the meaning of democracy, if we are not living peacefully; if we don’t have the right to speak, eat, live, vote etc.; if we don’t have security then we don’t have democracy. Elections can take any face, corruption, violence, protests, tensions etc., but as it may appear they are quite fragile. Democracy is looked over as another word for election. If you live in a democratic country then voting is how you prove it. But is election the only way to prove your democracy? Is this the deadline of people trying to chose a better leader for them? Can we change this? But who is to trust. Government should play honest when it comes to the hand of democracy and protection of the people of their country.

What should be the appropriate role and purpose of the UK parliament?

Political parties should keep an eye for some work which favours the entire country as a whole. It should benefit the economy and the people of the country. Each party can provide a comprehensive set of proposals that they mean to fulfil in their period of rule. They can simplify the work for their citizens and this can help them chose the better party. Main parties should help to recruit, socialise, select and promote talented individuals into elected public office, ranging from local council to national government levels. The political parties should respect the citizens. Their should be no discrimination over complexion, gender or something else. They should be neutral to every citizen. They should be given right to form their own parties without any difficulty. They have the right to speak, even if it is to speak for their own votes. Leadership selection and the setting of main policies should operate democratically and transparently to members and other groupings inside the party. Independent regulation should ensure that parties stick both to their rule books and to public interest practices. Parties should be able to raise funds for the betterment of the economy as a whole. These funds should be transparent or without any foreign sources. These steps may help the country’s lack of democratic life.

TO CONCLUDE, a peaceful country is not formed in one night, smaller but important steps have to be taken to maintain a good repo. The UK elections have turned the tables of democracy but things can go sideways if the leader wants to take it. The next prime minister must tackle the causes of Brexit too – reaching out to the left-behind with plans for jobs and public services which show that the government will make a difference to their lives. “Elections are the fossil fuel of politics. Whereas once they gave democracy a huge boost, much as oil did for our economies, it now turns out they cause colossal problems of their own.” If we don’t urgently reconsider the nature of our democratic fuel, a systemic crisis awaits. If we obstinately hold on to a notion of democracy that reduces its meaning to voting in elections and referendums, at a time of economic malaise, we will undermine the democratic process.

“The plane crash is not something we can easily overcome” : Iran’s Admission…

The top General of Iran Qasem Soleimani was killed by the US drone strike on 3rd January 2020. Since then, US and Iran have been exchanging a good “peace” advice but Trump declaring in a conference that Soleimani was a terrorist is not going to leave Iran’s system.

Qasem Soleimani was the top general commander of Iran. According to Ayatollah Khamenei, he was a pure soul. Soleimani’s sudden demise was a shock. All of Iran’s regional ambitions were manifested in one man – a messianic figure who few would dare say no to, let alone kill. His violent end would, it was thought, surely spark bedlam.

After the death of the General, Iran shot down a US drone. It was in the Iranian airspace and it was unmanned. According to the Revolutionary Guard Commander, Hossein Salami, “The downing of the American drone was a clear message to America…our borders are Iran’s red line and we will react against any aggression…Iran is not seeking war with any country but we are fully prepared to defend Iran…”

The strikes and mourning of the General was calming down a little, when another incident took place “by mistake”. On 8 January, at 06:12 local time (02:42 GMT), UIA flight PS752 took off from Imam Khomeini International Airport. Before it had left the airport’s air space, the plane appeared to turn around to return to the runway. Shortly afterwards, it crashed. Victims included dozens of Iranians and Canadians. Many nationals were also dead belonging to the UK, Afghanistan, Germany and Ukraine.

The tensions of war, the deaths, the strikes, all were heightened since 3rd January and Iran’s military was “at highest level of readiness”. In such provocation, the flight was hit unintentionally because of human error. Mr. Rouhani said, “ This painful incident is not something we can easily overcome.”

Iran initially denied that their military took down the flight but then on Sunday it was revealed by Iran that it was “human error” and unintended. Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei ordered the military to investigate the “possible shortcomings or mistakes” that led to the crash. He expressed “deep sympathies” to the families of the 176 victims.

Iran expressed condolences to the families of all of those killed, and Saturday’s military statement suggested those responsible would be referred for criminal charges.
Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, offered “profound regrets, apologies and condolences.” But he also appeared to link the missile launch and the hyper-tense atmosphere in the region.
“Human error at time of crisis caused by U.S. adventurism led to disaster,” he tweeted, adding a red broken-heart emoji.

This chaos all started when the US president Donald Trump killed and declared the General as a terrorist. One stoked killed the General and another strike destroyed the US drone. But so many people are dead. Who is taking responsibility for the chaos? The plane crash was a “national tragedy”. Such disasters should never be repeated. Iran struck back for Soleimani’s death with ballistic missiles against an Iraqi base with U.S. personnel four hours before the Ukrainian plane burst into a fireball. The US move to kill the General was a big step. Although, no one thought the impact will be this big.
The plane crash, though a “human error”, it killed 176 people among them were students as well. It raised questions and people came out on the streets to protest and in show of anger.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said “In an atmosphere of threats and intimidation by the aggressive American regime against the Iranian nation after the martyrdom of General Qasem Soleimani, and in order to defend ourselves against possible attacks by the American Army, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were on full alert, unfortunately leading to this terrible catastrophe which claimed lives of dozens of innocent people because of human error and an erroneous shooting,” the statement noted. My thoughts and prayers go to all the mourning families. I offer my sincerest condolences,” the President said stressing that the tragic event is not an issue that cannot be put aside easily.

Let’s see what 2020 holds for Iran and the US.

“You are NEVER too small to make a difference” ~ GRETA THUNBERG : Times Person of the Year!!!

A very Merry December for the young Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, who received the precious title of “PERSON OF THE YEAR” by Times on Tuesday 10th December.

Greta is the youngest person ever to receive this title. Taking the lane to the end, the oldest person ever to receive this to date is Konrad Adenauer, from Germany, who was named Man of the Year in 1954.

Talking about 2017 alone, Greta was not even in the world of the government. She rose to the occasion in August 2018 and now she has stepped in hearts and minds. Starting her own government in Sweden, she promoted the environmental commitments like to reduce carbon emissions. In light, there was another movement known as “FRIDAYSFORFUTURE”, in which, the students strike was involved. They abandoned their school to participate in the anti climate demonstrations.
Greta Thunberg is an influence, she has left us in awe and wonder by her speeches at this age. In 2019, she has met numerous government officials, she has spoken at major conferences such as the UN Climate Summit held in New York City and United States of America in September. Greta was also shortlisted for 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

To receive the “Person of the Year” is gigantic, the focus, the hard work, to become an influence to every age and to keep up the good version is a responsibility and being able to make it happen at the age of 16 is another prize. Greta Thunberg said “This is all wrong. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you have come to us young people for hope.” She speaks bold.

The runner-up for this title was Donald Trump, who also named “Person of the Year” in 2016. The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi; the Hong Kong Protestors; the Whistle Blower in the Trump Ukraine scandal were also shortlisted for the same.
There were times when people weren’t good enough for this position. A rare occasion that has happened twice till date, when the title was given to an object. In 1982, the title went to the Personal computer which became the first inanimate object to receive the award. Also in 1988, Times announced year’s most influential entity to be planet Earth.

As she speaks, the confidence is more convincing. She is vibrant, influential and her words are the truth. “We can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow,” she says, “That is all we are saying.”
As she became the youngest person ever to receive this, the Chief Editor of the Times, Edward Felsenthal, said “She became the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet this year, coming from essentially nowhere to lead a worldwide movement.”

I may conclude this article now, but we know for sure this movement won’t conclude so soon. Greta Thunberg represents a significant phenomenon of young people, giving all of the a nudge to change. “There is hope,” said Thunberg in a speech at COP25, “I have seen it, but it does not come from the governments or corporations — it comes from the people. Every great change throughout history has come from the people. We do not have to wait. We can start change right now. We, the people.”
She is courageous and blunt.
She has been successful in taking the agenda to the global platform with her voice marching through the ears of all. She has taken smart and courageous steps to highlight the importance of the matter.

DUTCH to sow seeds in INDIA !!!

The Netherlands have a strong hope for India. On Thursday, Narendra Modi and Mark Rutte welcomed the intensifying of Indian-Dutch collaborations in the field of agriculture. This pact captured all eyes at once.

The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, as the 2018 the stats were approximately US $100bn. The world often wonder, how come a country with population less than Metropolitan Delhi, area 80 times lesser than India is the second largest exporter after United States. Well, the Dutch companies are highly energetic, they hold a strong position in the world, as well as in India, with providing potatoes and food processing services in North India; horticulture in South India and vocational education and training across India.
India does possess good domestic markets, different types of climate zones and big producers as well. The Dutch, however, are successful in cultivation of varieties that prosper in semi-arid climate.

Mark-Modi recommended the successful operationalisation of first Indo-Dutch Centre of Excellence (CoE) in vegetables in Baramati, Maharashtra. India welcomed and appreciated the opportunity and is looking forward for a New Agricultural Position in the world. The Indian-Dutch already have good and strong relations as the two way trade stood at $6.9bn inn2016-17, with Balance of Trade (BoT) in favour of India at $3.17bn. Modi will definitely be looking forward for even a greater number in near future. The main aim of the deal is increasing export of agricultural and food products by 2022 and also doubling the income of the farmers. The Minister, Mark Rutte said “By adapting different farming practices and by using better seeds, we can overcome some of the challenges that climate poses like water scarcity. We also know India is vulnerable when it comes to water.”

Indian exports mainly include ~ textiles and garments, electric machinery, processed foods, leather goods, cars, organic chemicals to the Netherlands.
Imports include ~ Machinery equipment, medical/optical instruments, chemicals, plastics and metal products.
The compact is designed for agricultural products, to increase the export of agricultural and food products. Being the second largest exporter in the world, India is in no position to back out for an amazing deal like this, given the quality assurance.
India and Netherlands have identified potential collaborations in areas such as water management, infrastructure, ports, highways, logistics, inland water transport, ICT, biotech, energy, fintech, agriculture and some others. The Netherlands have been discussing exploring the possibility of science and technology cooperation between the two governments, private sector and science institutes as well.

When Mark Rutte visited India last year in May, Prime minister Modi said “There are very few such countries with whom we have this kind of momentum of high level visits in our relationship. And for this momentum and for giving personal priority to the relations with India, I congratulate Mark with the bottom of my heart.”
Modi’s statement was a glimpse of the amazing relations between them. The relations have definitely expanded and deepened at all levels and this new deal will provide a greater understanding and cooperation between the two.

IN CONCLUSION, I THINK INDIAN FARMERS have every reason to smile. Mark-Modi deal is the new hope for both countries. The Netherlands, being a chest filled with diamonds and gold, India does look pretty bright in near future. The Netherlands-India technology summit focuses on shaping the future and tackle societal issues in the field of agriculture, water and healthcare. The aim is to co-create pioneering solutions for global challenges and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. We shall hope to see this day as well.

Modi calling it Victory, People stuck with MYSTERY!! – $5 Trillion Economy by 2024! How lucky is Modi?

Some might call this unimaginable, some might say it is challenging and some support the idea of achievable. But plans success lies in the process of execution.
Right now India is a $2.8 trillion economy, which is approximately 190 lakh crore in rupee terms. The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, has set great plans, one of which is the huge target of $5 trillion economy. He said that the target is challenging but achievable.

The sole intention to reach this target should be the GDP of the country. India needs to grow at an annual average of 11.5% for the next five years. Modi should double the GDP of the country to climb the mountain of $5 trillion by 2024. The real GDP should grow in rupee terms at a rate of 7.5 % and the economy will be very near to the target.
Modi has set a wave of structural reforms for generation as basis for growth and development for the decade. Apart from the structural changes, growth, development, technology etc, in all the sectors of the economy, perspectives should now shift from policies to projects. Actions do speak louder than the words.

According to Modi, everyone has a common goal now, the New India by 2020. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the PM Awaas Yojana is just a sketch of what the State and the Central government can accomplish together. The matter of empowerment and ease of living will be provided to every Indian. There is also stress on increasing exports from the country. Modi also mentioned that by 2025, tuberculosis will also be eliminated from the country.

The rupee dollar exchange rate should be in check for the dream target. Rupee should not depreciate, otherwise it will affect the GDP of the country in dollar terms and it will move the target further away. The IMF in April 2019 had cut Indias GDP growth for 2019-20 to 7.3% and 7.5% for 2020-21. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently lowered its GDP forecast for 2019-20 to 7% from 7.2% earlier.

How realistic is this target?

The target is gigantic to get a hold of it think like this, when Modi was elected as Prime Minister in 2014, India was a $1.85 trillion economy. When his term ended in 2019, India is now a $2.8 economy. The economy should maintain the growth of 8% annually to reach $5 trillion. Maintenance is all India needs, and to quote Modi, India was walking but the New India will be running.
To reach the target, exports have to grow in double digits. Major changes are also required in land and labor laws apart from ensuring continuity in economic policies. Efforts and consistency should be the central drivers of all plans to touch $5 trillion. From being the 11th largest economy in 2013-14, India now stands as the 6th largest economy in the world. If the growth is consistent and economy continues to grow at the same pace, India will be ranked 3rd behind U.S. and China by 2030.

Modi government carries out bold reforms and work at breakneck speed to achieve them. He is known for his bold moves like the demonetization in 2016. He astounds people and maybe with risk and luck he can achieve this target as well. We all very well know the dozens of luck he carries.

Unlikely or Luckily?
The big dream of doubling the economy in 5 years is not that huge if we look at the graphs, statistics, growth, development and technology from 2014 to 2019. But India is a large and dynamic economy.
Some of the States still remain under resourced and massively under powered.

What if India achieves the target but struggles to maintain and retain the attitude and responsibility of a developing country?

How can the world deal with an economy with huge aggregate size and aspiration of assumed superpowers but the state and capabilities have remained relatively unchanged?

Modi needs to set his plans straight for this huge target. Challenging but achievable is challenging still. All the efforts and hard work will help India achieve this target or will India struggle for another decade?
Will Modi be the Prime Minister who helps India climbs the Everest of $5 trillion?
Is it an imaginary long run target or a risky luck marathon? Or Will Modi is lucky yet again?
I guess we will be astounded by 2024.

Social Security bulks huge in national life!!

The United States founded a federal benefits program in 1935 called Social
Security. It is mostly associated with monthly retirement benefits. It is also
confine disability income, pensions and public housing. These systems are
funded through payroll taxes.
According to Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), a 12.4% levy
on first $132900, as of 2019, of each individual’ s earned income each year.
The employers and employees each pay 6.2% and the self-employees pay
12.4%. The benefit to be collected for higher amount, one shall apply three
months prior to the retirement date.

Benefits of Social Security

Social Security Association (SSA) arises out of need for those retired
or elderly Americans who lost everything in Great Depression. In order to
help children, disabled persons and widows, this association was very
SSA is the largest wing of the organization, according to which, 73% of
Americans receive monthly Social Security Benefit in 2017.
The 6.2% of tax on earning paid by employers and employees is not
transferred or kept in a bank account; rather it goes to provide monthly
benefits for current retirees and other social recipients.
To qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, at least 10 years of work
is required by the person.

Disabled Benefits

SSA has strictly held the definition of “ disabled” . One only qualify for
Social Security Disabled Benefit if he/she is severely disabled with a
condition that prevents him/her from working entirely and is expected to last
at least a year or result in death. Also, there should be enough credits earned
to receive the benefit payments.

Following are some important information to qualify for disability benefit:-

• A person has to be 60 years in age and should ahs 40 credit points;
• A person younger than 24 years will require minimum 6 credit points;
• A person should be working at the time the disability begun;
• Spouse and children can qualify for benefits as well, receiving half the
amount the person is entitled each month;
• Payments are based on the persons’ lifetime earnings.

Social Security and the Poor

Recent researches have shown that nearly the entire decline in poverty rate
among the elderly has declined 1960s due to social security.
As a matter of fact, social security reduced poverty significantly. Around
65% of dollars disseminated by the program go to those considered as poor
without transfer payment.

According to the University of Chicago,

“ Social security reduced the rate of poverty among household with elderly

residents by 75%, it also reduced poverty
among household led by a disabled
recipient by 33%.”

Social security also reduced poverty for those who were near poverty line,
though the effect was less dramatic.

IN CONCLUSION, social security is a vital program serving millions of
Americans. It is an ongoing intergenerational transfer mechanism.
The high income earners pay a lower proportion of their income for social
security taxes than the low income earners. Some economists also view
Social Security Tax as evil tax, because of its regressive nature.
Andrew M. Paul is the new Commissioner of Social Security at the agency’ s office in Washington, D.C., serving six-year term expiring in January, 2025. The agency has a national workforce of about 63000
employees and 1500 facilities across the country and around the world.

Social security is one of the largest government programs in the world,

paying out hundreds of billions of dollars each year. It is a healthy and
confirming way of securing future.
According to Jane Austen, “ People always live for ever when
there is an annuity to be paid them.”

MISSION MUSTARD : The Yellow Flavour !!!!

India is the storehouse of oilseeds. India is still dependent on edible oil imports. The northern and eastern part of India use much of oil in their foods. Although, in the southern part, the mustard oil is the basic oil in every house, unlike northern part where different types of oils are used. In Bengal, Orissa, Nepal and Assam mustard oil is the preferred oil for cooking.

The Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) of India launched the Mission Mustard last year to expand the area under oilseeds quickly from an average of 6.5 million hectares (mha) to 10mha. It wanted the government to drive the switch from wheat to rapeseed and mustard in Punjab and Haryana. But a year later, Atul Chaturvedi, the president of SEA, reported that “we have not been very successful” in convincing the government of the need to start the mustard mission. He was speaking at the second annual conclave on rapeseed-mustard in Jaipur earlier this month.
The government wants to convince the farmers of Panjab and Haryana to switch to mustard seeds. In Panjab, the colder areas like Amritsar, the seeds become susceptible to Alternaria blight, so the farmers have to spend money on pesticides.
There is also a factor of low productivity. India’s average mustard production has risen by 70%, from 705kgs per hectare bro 1193kgs per hectare.
In 1986, Rajiv Gandhi launched Technology Mission on Oil seeds (TMO) to boost up the production which resulted in the same. Productivity in Europe at 3.14 tonnes/ha and in Canada at 2.39 tonnes/ha is high. Penal cautions against a strict comparison. Europe’s crop is of a nine-month duration. Canada’s is shorter, of 120 days, but is grown in summer under long-day conditions, which aids higher yield. These are rapeseed (Brassica napus), which has a higher oil content (42-44%) but also requires more moisture. It is suitable for hilly regions like Himachal Pradesh but not for dryland areas.
The government can “jack up” import duties on cooking oil to boost the market rate of oil seeds.
“Along with new and climate adaptive seed varieties, biological/cultural management measures/IPM practices would be promoted to minimize the usage of pesticides and chemicals. Farmers would be reoriented and capacitated in respect of awareness, knowledge and skills and openness to new ideas and technologies. Inter-crops would also be promoted for crop diversification and increasing income of farmers,” Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) said in a release.

“We plan to launch Mustard Mission from ensuing Rabi Season and look forward to receive support from all the stake holders,” informed the association.
Out of all four oilseeds, mustard is the most promising seed for reducing the dependence on edible oil imports.

Mission and Vision
The government has been on a mission with a vision of new and better livelihood by 2022. SEA is distributing climate modified seed varieties for easy storage and comfort. IPM practices will be promoted to reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals. The government also aims to increase the productivity of mustard and supporting the cultivators for better livelihood by 2022. Despite steady improvement in oilseeds production, India has to go long way as import dependence for edible oils remain high, feels ICRA. Mr. Sachdeva concludes: “The key to improve oilseeds production lies in ensuring the availability of quality seeds, bridging the awareness gap in farmers regarding better techniques, developing supportive infrastructure facilities and ensuring an efficiently managed market for better price recovery. New location-specific high yielding varieties should be developed. Investment in oilseeds research and development is a key element and should be stepped up. Dissemination of technology is equally important and needs to be strengthened through effective agricultural extension system”.


Virtual Reality (VR) is the new hope for the world. There is a huge increase in the use of VR, especially in the healthcare sector. There are so many new life saving techniques and also training doctors of the future. It is said that by 2020, the global market could be worth upwards $3.8 billion.

Virtual Reality began in 2012, after the release of Head Mounted Display ( HMD) products like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift etc. VR is a great tool for an innovative way of engagement with information. It presents so many creative and exciting learning and healing in healthcare.

There are so many companies that promote VR but these 7 healthcare companies are creating a breakthrough innovation in VR :-

DeepStream VR: This company lay emphasis on pain relief at large.
Immersive Touch: This company focuses on surgical exploration and training. A series of simulators are used in a digitally replicated environment.
Virtually Better: Exposure therapy is the main stream of this company. The patient is exposed to problem causing stimulus in a controlled environment and that facilitates faster recovery.
Medical Realities: There is a “virtual surgeon”, like a 360° video.
OSSOVR: This company is stimulating a surgery system, where the users are allowed to use their hands.
Firsthand Technology: This company is more leaned towards gaming and healthcare of the patient, like exercise and fitness.
One Caring Team: This company is constantly in touch with lonely elders, senior citizens to reduce their emotional burden and take good care of their health.

Mental health and Psychological Therapy

Virtual Reality is a great tool for patients having mental health issues, it helps curb memory loss. Not only in mental health, VR is very helpful in psychological therapy as well. From PTSD to schizophrenia, it has proved very effective. The patients are gathered in a safe therapeutic environment and they face their fears. VR has also been useful for gathering data for dementia research and helping autistic children.
Mental health is very important for a living a peaceful and happy life but so is Physical health.

Virtual Reality has been a great tool in PHYSICAL THERAPY as well. It has helped speeding up the recovery time. VR has made the exercises more fun, also the patient doesn’t loose focus from the activities because it has become more innovative and enjoyable. The exercises and the excitement that comes with it has definitely given hope to the patients who have to suffer for a long period of time. VR helps with acute pain, but now it is also useful as a means of treating chronic pain as well.

Patient Education

There are various techniques and procedures of a treatment plan. Patients are likely to get confused and may take some legal actions if something goes wrong.

VR comes in handy as it sets appropriate expectations of various stages of a treatment plan. The use of VR will give the patient a better understanding of the process, happening during and after the procedure.
When the patient has better knowledge about the treatment, there is low level of anxiety and stress. They learn about the natural body functions and processes, which helps the patient to calm down and think clearly. And as mentioned, the better understanding the patient has, there is less Rick of legal actions as well.

According to the CEO of Next Galaxy, Mary Spio,
“VR represents the highest form of learning, essentially because you are immersed in the task and actually doing it.”

Medical Marketing
The Virtual Reality in Healthcare market is divided into hardware and software. The hardware segment accounts for relatively larger market share of 64.6% in 2018. North America accounts for the largest market share due to constant technological advancement of related products, presence of a sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, and prevalence of neurological & psychological disorders. The studies have shown that VR healthcare market has been across all major countries. They cover major countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

In terms of revenue, virtual reality in healthcare market is expected to reach US$ 3,441.4 million by 2027.
Head-mounted displays are also gaining attention due to their applications in video recording, visualizing data, telemedicine, simulation, tele monitoring, and many other.


Virtual reality is a huge scope for all health related problems, treatments to which will heal in a blink. VR has definitely improved accuracy and effectiveness of current procedures. It has enhanced the capabilities of human beings. One of the reasons why VR has captured more eyes is that it has reduced cost to a good extent. It has improved access and has also provided training to doctors.
When a patient has to go through a treatment, it is best when he has knowledge about what is about to happen, it reduces much anxiety and stress; the patient has better understanding and of course it also reduces much risk for legal actions.
Virtual Reality is the Simulation for a healthy life. It is the future.

TO CONCLUDE, With the help of VR technology, the treatment process can be made more efficient as these technologies can highlight the tricky focal points that need to be corrected in a patient. VR technology, with the help of body mapping (providing the full view of the patients’ body), can further enhance the overall treatment process. Not only the treatment has become more effective, the reduced cost benefit along with the speedy recovery has captured many eyes. This is the innovation the world needed. Although, it is limited only by the creativity of those creating and applying the technology.
Virtual reality in healthcare has made some great progress and there is yet to be achieved. We don’t know what the future holds but it’s definitely going to cover our eyes.

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